Scar Revision

Im 10 weeks into a scar revision on my cheek. The redness has lightened significantly but the incision has still not flattened out. It was not an extensive revision, but it seems like the incision line is indented (not flat with surrounding skin). I understand it will be a visible white line eventually, but i don't want the end result in a year or so to be an indented white line. What should i expect at this stage and is it normal for it to be like this now? thanks for any advice!

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Scar Revisions Require Patience

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It generally takes between 3-6 months before a scar matures and with revisions, it may be up to a year.  An elevated scar at this point would not make me overly concerned but an indented scar has little likelihood of filling in over time.  Now would be a good time to make a follow-up appointment with your Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Scar Revision Healing Can Take Up To A Year To See The Final Result

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Your are correct in that scar revisions take time to mature and settle. Ten weeks seems like a long time but, from a scar revision perspective, it is actually not that long. Redness and contour changes will continue to evolve for up to a year after the scar revision. The redness for sure will fade, the only question is whether the scar line will be end up flat. You will have a much better idea at six months after the procedure. Patience and more time is the answer for now.

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