Scar Revision on Nose and Sterioid Injections

Hello, I had scar from when I was a kid on the bridge of my nose. I had a scar revision done to remove the skin and now there are small bumps on the upper and lower areas of where the skin was removed. After about 2 years since my nose looked a bit bumpy from the uneven skin my surgeon recommended steroid injections I got them done today on the top bump and the lower. My question is,will this help out the bumpiness? and right now its very swollen from the injections. . Please help

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Dogears From Nose Scar Revisions Will Need To Be Nipped Out

Those bumps to which you refer are known as dogears and are common sequeale from elliptically-oriented scar revisions. They are usually small excesses of skin, particularly on a small structure such as the nose. It is unlikely that steriod injections will reduce the size of the bumps but there is no harm in doing so. Most likely you will need to revise the revision with a very small ellipse of both skin bumps to get them to lay flatter. 

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