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Hi, I've previously posted a question re: my knee scar due to a broken patella surgery I had about 2 yrs ago. I have been looking for ways to improve my scar but have been told from surgeons that it is very difficult to revise a knee scar due to the outward traction on the knee everytime I bend my knee. I've a heard of a technique called z-plasty to revise scars, could my type of scar be improved using this technique? Would I still have the same outward traction problem? Thanks

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Scar revision

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Not only will you have the same traction problem but I think you will end up with more scar. The z-plasty for scars is mostly to change scar direction so that it becomes more aligned with natural skin lines and therefore less noticeable or break up a scar that is restricting range of motion like a longitudinal finger scar that has contracted and prevents finger extension or flexion.

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