Scar on my Face from Dermabond Which Looks Like a Dimple, Which Filler Should I Get? (photo)

I had an accident which resulted in me getting dermabond on my face about 12 days ago now there's a dent in my face which looks like a dimple. What filler could I get that will last a lifetime? Or at least 5 years? I want the best lasting one. My ex is an Endo Doctor & he says after 30 days he could put unread filler that lasts 10-12 months,

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Scar on my Face from Dermabond Which Looks Like a Dimple, Which Filler Should I Get?

First of all, your scar is brand new. Both the pigmentation of the scar and the indention will likely improve over time. It would be worth your time to meet with a Facial Plastic Surgeon in your area to discuss your options. It is possible that scar massage, topical treatments and sun protection will result in significant improvement during the first 3-12 months. Fillers can be safely used to raise a depressed scar but they might not be necessary for you. Time will tell. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Improving an indented scar

Fillers are a reasonable option to help fill in the depression but many of them require treatments at regular intervals. Laser resurfacing might be another good option to consider but I would consult with a dermatologist that has advanced training in the use of lasers and is experienced in the treatment of scars. Ultimately a combination of both methods might help.

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
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Filler for Correcting Scars

Depending on the nature and type of scar, filler injected into the scar can significantly improve the scar.  Silicone is ideal for scars as it is precise and permanent.  Click on the link below for photos of scars treated with injectable liquid silicone. 

Channing R. Barnett, MD
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