How Can I Remove A Lip Scar?

I am unhappy with how my daugther's lips looks and would like to know what possible treatments there are to fix or remove the scar . She bit very badly her lower lips about 9 month ago and the wound has since healed but the lower vermillion border is now slightly misaligned by the scar and missing the red colour on her lips. Thanks

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Lip scar possibilities

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It's a little tough to tell based on the photos but there are usually some options to revise a scar. Sometimes re-excising the scar and closing it again more precisely will do the trick. After that, steroids or dermabrasion will help to get the best result. I think it would be worthwhile to have her examined to figure out what would be best for her individual case. Good luck!

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Lip scars

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The details are insufficient to make a specific recommendation. If there was tissue loss you are pretty much stuck. If the wound was not sutured and just filled with scar tissue without any loss of tissue you should be able to removed that scar, shift the bunched up red vermillion lip mucosa downward and suture it in order to improve the appearance.

Aaron Stone, MD
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