Pinkish turned darker red/brown spot after a single treatment of the Alex Trivantage laser normal? What to do next? (photo)

My acne lesion was treated with cortisone in January. There was then atrophy. Spot was filled with Restylene. Few months past and spot began to show signs of atrophy again as well as hyperpigment/scarring. In August, I had a single treatment of V-Beam laser followed by a single treatment of Alex TriV, a month apart. It scabbed and I had pinkish skin after. Was hoping the pink skin would even out with the rest of my skin tone, but it has now darkened / gone back to the color it was pre treatment.

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Spot from Laser

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It is difficult to assess what is happening since there are not before and after photos to compare.  I utilize both the Alex-trivantage and V-Beam laser and find both excellent.  I would consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in lasers to assess the situation.  Best, Dr. Green

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