Is it safe to sleep in Panoxyl?

My dermatologist adviced I use panoxyl for my acne. He suggested I put it on before bed, I asked if I was supposed to sleep in it and he said yes and then to wash it off first thing in the morning. Upon actually buying the product and reading the directions and what not, it indicated that peroxide is an active ingredient and will bleach my hair or clothes if came into contact. After reading that it doesn't seem safe to sleep in this product. What to do?

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White Linens and Clothing Are Suggested

From a medical standpoint, Panoxyl is completely safe to have on the skin while you sleep.  But you are correct to consider the fact that it can bleach your clothing, pillowcase, or anything else it may come into contact with while you sleep.  I suggest that you wear clothing or use pillowcases that will not become disfigured if bleached or that you don’t care if they become bleached.  Also bear in mind that any topical cream can potentially leading to irritant or allergic reactions and if you start to have symptoms from Panoxyl best to consult with a Board certified dermatologist regarding them.

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