Is It Safe for Esthetician to Do Photofacial?

What if a trained Esthetician not a doctor or registered nurse who works in a cosmetic Plastic Surgeon office do my Photofacial/IPL?

Should I trust her to treat my dark spots and brown sunspots on my face? I was told that she is trained, but not going to do it under direct supervision of the Dr. So what do you think?

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Aesthetician for photofacial

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Medical estheticians can do a great treatment if they have knowledge and experience . Make sure to ask about credentials and if there is a physician readily available for any concerns . 

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Esthetician for photofacial

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There are some estheticians with extensive training and years of experience which would be worthwhile to consider. I would ask how many patients she treats per month, how long she has been doing it, what training she had and what ongoing training she receives, and how long she has been using this particular IPL device. Also, if there were an unexpected problem, find out if the doctor would then see you and help you?

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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