Best Treatment Plan for Acne Scars and Active Acne?

I am a 36 y/o female with active acne (not as bad as when I was a teen)and acne scars. The scars are not what I call "craters", They do not go to deep into the skin. What I have seen on here are mostly the crater type. What would be a good treatment for me?

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Adult acne treatments

Adult acne differs in appearance from teenage acne and the treatment regimen is usually not the same.  It is very important to see a board certified dermatologist to diagnose your skin condition and begin a treatment plan.  Topical retinoids are very helpful in most types of acne, but deep cystic nodules usually require an oral medicine.  Oral antibiotics and/or an anti-androgen medicine such as spironolactone in adult female acne can be very helpful.

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Acne treatment

I love retinoids for acne.  You must begin with a low concentration of Retin-A or Tazorac used every other night, and adjust the use and concentration as your skin accommodates.   These treatments tend to irritate the skin and dry it, but it will generally help with acne and fine lines.  Antibiotics like minocycline help with cystic acne, but it doesn't sound like this is what you are suffering from.  Additionally, there is a birth control called Yaz that is FDA approved for the treatment of acne.  I have found this to be very effective, but this exposes women to a slightly increased risk of blood clots.  I would first begin with treating active acne.  There are dermatologist and plastic surgeons who treat active acne and scars with laser therapy, but your candidacy depends on your skin pigmentation.  This treatment is best for very light skinned individuals.

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