Skin Looks Like Raw Chicken

A patch of skin on my neck started to look like raw chicken skin. Wasn't like a rash. It spread around my neck, at night when I laid put my head on a pillow, it started prickling. A dermotologist prescribed hydrocortisone Valerate Cream USP 0.2%. It's still spreading and prickling. Even on my head.

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Rash on the neck

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you need to see a boardcertified dermatologist who will try to diagnose the eruption. Is this an allergic or irritant contact dermatitis? Should you have patch tests to see what allergen you react to, if it is allergic in nature? Is this just an irritation to a new laundry detergent or dryer, clothing softener/freshener? You may need to rinse thoroughly your pillowcase and even use a towel that was not laundered recently, and place it over your pillow to see if your skin still reacts.

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