How to Remove Very Dark Circles and Thin Skin Under Eyes?

Under my eyes is very dark and the skin is very thin. I am looking for a perminate solution to this. I am very beautiful but because of my dark circles I feel the need to wear makeup on them. Please help me out. I am not looking to spend more then 1,000 and I am also interested in getting my breasts redone, I have 350cc saline high profile implants over the chest muscel and I am looking to get 500cc silicone impants over the muscel, I would not like to spend more then 3,500 on this procedure....

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You are headed for disappointment.

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There is no permanent cure for dark circles.  The best option is under eye fillers and these last on the order of about a year, perhaps more.  Fat and other longer lasting fillers have proven to be unsatisfactory because they cannot be adjusted after being injected.  This poses a significant problems because these treatments do not stop the aging process (nothing does).  Additionally your treatment is most likely going to be more expensive than what you are hoping to pay.

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