Reversal Underbite Surgery - Need Help

Hi All, I had surgery 2 correct my slight undrbite problm exactly a year ago, Bt im still unhappy. I used to like my prominent jaw, i had told my Dr. 2 move my jaw only a bit inside so i will nt chnge mush the way i luk. Bt my jaw gone too much inside & my cheeks r even more flat nw. My frends & others r keep askin "wat hppnd 2 u? U luk so lean." Nw im living wth the regrets,day n night. I thought i wuld b more confident 2smile &hapy.Nw i badly need reversal it possible?

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Bite is corrected but now unhappy with smaller jaw and chin

You should not have the surgery reversed if your occlusion is correct. Discuss an osseous genioplasty or chin implant with your surgeon.

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