Can Renova, Used on the Nose, Just Once, Alter Your DNA Such That You Will Have Permanent Broken Capillaries?

Can Renova, used just once, on the nose, alter your DNA such that you will have permanent broken capillaries ? If not, how long will the broken capillaries take to disappear ?

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Renova does not cause "Broken Capillaries"

Renova and other topical retinoids do not cause "broken capillaries."  This is a misnomer as "broken capillaries" are very small blood vessels called telangiectasias that occur either from sun damage or are genetically programmed in a patient to appear with time.  As always, I recommend being evaluated and treated by a board certified dermatologist so the optimal skin care regimen can be designed for your individual needs.

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Renova not the cause of broken capillaries

Using Renova once will not cause growing spider veins, often referred to as broken capillaries.  You may be developing rosacea.  IPL or pulsed dye laser treatments can treat these veins but you should be assessed by a board certified dermatologist who can suggest treatment.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Renova and Broken Capillaries

Topical retinoids (and/or retinols) do not cause broken capillaries. They have no way to do this or to alter your DNA. Broken capillaries can be treated with IPL or sclerotherapy injections, easily. They will most likely not disappear on their own, but they have absolutely not come from your Renova use.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Does Renova cause broken capillaries

No, not to my knowledge.  Sundamage, genetics and/or Rosacea are the usual cause. 

Thankfully, they are easily treatable with intense pulse light or pulse dye laser.  New ones may occur.


Robert Strimling, MD
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Broken blood vessels and retinoids

Topical retinoids do not cause broken blood vessels.  A one time use of a retinoid can cause a small amount of irritation and redness that should subside after a few days of discontinuation of the medication.

Broken blood vessels are primarily a function of sun damage and rosacea.  Other things can cause them, like squeezing out acne lesions and some hereditary conditions.


Emily Altman, MD
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Renova will not cause broken capillaries

Not to worry. Using any retinoid on your nose will not  change your DNA or cause broken capillaries on your nose.

Esta Kronberg, MD
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Got to be kidding me

There are a number of reasons that the answer is No. 

Retinoids, of which Renova is one, exert their nuclear effects by regulating the transcription of genes, not by altering the cellular DNA itself. 

Second, applying Renova once or even a thousand times, will not cause broken capillaries. These are actually permanently dilated tiny blood vessels called telangiectasias and are not "broken capillaries" at all.

While Retin A may cause some neo-vasculuazion in the dermis, the effects are mild and if anything, make your skin look healthier. Incidentally, there are some Retinoids that block the formation of blood vessels in tumors. There is a body of work showing that Retinioids may prevent or inhibit metastasis of cancer by this very action.

To answer your other question, telangiectasias can last for avery long time and can actually be permanent. However, they are easily treated by a pulsed dye laser for those who can afford it and electrocautery for those who want a less expensive, but also effective, route.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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