Removing or Lightening Freckles

I am undergoing cancer treatment and I believe the chemo I take is making my freckles become more prominent. My skin has really been sensitive and I would like to lighten or get rid of my facial freckles. Is there anything I could use that is specifically for sensitive skin. Because I am photosensitive I think it is just from driving in the car they have begun showing up more. Thanks

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Caution is the most important factor when you're on chemotherapy...

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of course it all depends what type of drugq you're taking and how long you'll be on them...and to some extent the underlying disease...but don't be in too much of a rush...your skin won't heal as well from any intervention while you're undergoing therapy...remember the drugs impair your maybe a topical lightener...possibly something like Triluma or maybe Allure or even generic hydroquinone...but most important...stay out of the sun and when you're outside, wear a wide-brim hat...even from the car to the store...and then when you're finished with chemotherapy, ask about other options...

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Lightening dark spots made worse by chemotherapy

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laser resurfacing may help dark spots but I would not recommend it for you during the chemotherapy which might increase your complications from the laser. Hydroquinone cream may help but this can irritate some people. Some of my patients who have sensitive skin have been able to tolerate well a cream developed by Stanford University, called Lumixyl. This is available in some dermatologists offices. Good luck with your cancer treatment!

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Removing or Lightening Freckles

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Hi Klak,

I am sorry that you are undergoing treatment for cancer.  I wish you a rapid cure with minimal adversity from the chemotherapy.

Fraxel Dual laser is an amazing relatively easy, very safe and effective method to minimize your freckles.  The treatment takes about 20 minutes for your entire face after one hour of numbing cream.  There is redness then bronzing for the first 3 days followed by 2 days of peeling to beautiful new rosy skin.

See the web reference below to see an actual patient treatment by me.

Good luck and I wish you well in your fight against cancer.  Be well.

Dr. P


Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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