How Does One Remove Under Shallow Eye Wrinkles?

I have enclosed a picture of these lines. I was told by doctor's that they are too shallow for fillers and Botox hasn't helped because the wrinkles are static. I would like to know the best way to remove them. (With little downtime.) I also have shallow crows feet, which are so fine they didn't show up on the camera.

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Wrinkles around the eyes

The best treatment for the crow's feet is botox. The lower eyelid wrinkles are dynamic and caused by the actions of the eyelid muscles. The reason you cannot use botox in this area is because of the high risk that the lower lid will then come away from the eyeball resulting in dry eye. These wrinkles cannot be effaced by surgery. Your best bet for them is a chemical or laser peel followd by a daily skin maintenance regimen to prevent recurrence. There is no single one time treatment that can achieve the result you desire.

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