How Can I Remove Scar Tissue That is Developing Around my Cheek Piercing?

I've had my cheek piercings for about 6 months now and really haven't had any issues. within the last month I have developed what seems to be scar tissue around my left cheek piercing only. I'm not sure why it had developed. is there anything i can do or take at home that will reduce the scar?

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Piercing scars on the face and cheeks can be performed

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The first step would be to examine your scars to determine whether there is an active infection, granulation tissue, or hypertrophic or keloid scar.  Scar revision is usually performed for piercing scars. 

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Scar tissue around left cheek piercing

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Thank you for the question. Anytime you pierce or injure the skin there is a scar tissue formed. You might have had infection in the left cheek that resulted in a scar. It is hard to tell you what to do online without seeing you in person or at least seeing a photo. Generally speaking, there are several options, including removing the ring, use of scar guard,  etc. If there is an infection, it has to be treated. Best wishes.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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