What Can I Do to Remove This Nail Scratch Mark? (photo)

It's not a scratch anymore, It's a mark on my left cheek and I really don't want it.. I'm only 14 years old and got it like 2 years ago or well in 7th grade by a fight. The girl scratched me with her nail and it was bleeding crazy.. I tried Bio-Oil, Scar Gels, and Cocoa Butter but It doesn't work for me at all to atleast go away or not make it noticeable.. Now is when I'm actually caring about my scar and I've been really insecure and not liking what I have on my left cheek.. Help..

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Melarase for a dark scar on the face from scratching

I would begin with the simplest option, which would be topical skin lightening with Melarase creams twice daily to improve the appearance of the scars. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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