Recovering Lip Color / Removing Dark Stains from Lips Caused by Smoking?

I had been smoking cigarettes for last 6 years and for last 3 years I have been chain smoking, so that has damaged my lips and skin. I want to know if these stains from lips wither away naturally or the discoloring is permanent and is there anything that can be done naturally to get the stains removed and skin too ? P.s: I don't have any photos to put up here.

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Lip staining and wrinkling from smoking

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Usually there is no quick resolution of the smoking skin damage to the lips with texture but the staining may improve once smoking stops. Sunscreen is important to minimize further insult to the dermis and there may need to be consideration in having resurfacing treatments, but there may be a risk with pigment change that should be discussed with your doctor prior to undergoing the procedure.

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