Recommended Physical Sunscreen?

I like the protection of physical blockers but all the zinc and titanium oxide sunscreens are so thick and pasty. Are there any with a "runny" lotion type texture that is easier to spread?

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Physical Sunscreens

You are right that sunscreens with zinc and titanium offer the best UVA and UVB protection.  In a physical formulation (non-chemical), the sunscreen forms an invisible barrier and impedes penetration into the skin, making it the only formula safe enough to use on babies under 6 months of age.  I recommend sunscreens by Elta MD.  They have eight formulations of sunscreens, one for every skin type.  They make ONLY sunscreens, so they are expert in this area.  Their two physical formulations come elegantly tinted or in the first and only commercially available spray formula.  An untinted physical formulation is due to be released this season.  Neither is sticky or tacky.  The spray formula is the easiest to spread and the least "tacky".

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