I Have a Rash And/or Skin Discoloration on my Neck/collarbone? What is It?

What are these rings on my neck and collarbone? They dont itch. Just make me very selfconscious. Is there a home remedy to get rid of them?

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Dark spots rash

You need to see a dermatologist for diagnosis. One can not make a diagnosis via reviewing a photograph. Slightly tan colored areas need to be examined to see if they are perfectly flat or barely raised, check for texture, easy scaling. Pigmentation is caused by different things compared with raised growths that look brown but are not pigmented.  A common condition to cause brownish slightly scaling lesions is a normal yeast on our skin called Tinea (or Pityrosporum) Versicolor. This is easily treated.  Pigmented lesions could be caused by vitamin deficiencies, or a reaction to medication that is taken by mouth. Please see a dermatologist.

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