What is the best way to remove pimple scars? Any removal creams? (Photos)

iam age 23 male please help me pimples old and new scar how to remove best cream option.?

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Acne Scars and Creams and Lasers

Topical Retin-A is an excellent treatment for your skin both to treat the acne and the scars.  Further treatment consists of lasers such as eMatrix and V-Beam to remove the redness and scars.  Best, Dr. Green

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Early ance scars need lasers and Retin A

The best treatment for early, red, acne scars is a vascular laser, such as Excel V or VBeam. I would also start on Retin A. Other measures are Infini, laser resurfacing, and subcision. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Multiple treatment option

Topical Retin-A might be a good option to reduce new scar, but it is very minimal.   Laser(ProFraction) or microneedling is better than topical cream to reduce scars.  Especially old scar should respond best with laser,

Dark spot looks like black comedon.  It needs to be extracted physically. Be careful not to make scar.  You may go to clinic to extract blackcomedon without making scar.

Recent mild brownish flat spots look like PIH(Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).  You can make it brightened with hydroquinone or Retin-A.  You have to be use those minimally since your skin may respond in unwanted ways.

In general dark skin is more delicate than fairly skin.  You may see the doctors who have similar skin types.

Hope this is helpful.   

Mi Ran Park, MD
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