What do I do about red stretchmarks; lasers, creams, wrappings?

First question: will faded stretchmarks with Vbeam still become a scar or not, or if there will still be a scar, will it be smaller compared to if I don't use Vbeam at all?

Second question: a cream with vitamin K can fade (even optically eliminate) broken capillaries(on face),can it do the same with the red stretch marks?

Third question: are there good non-invasive methods to improve appear. of red marks besides wrappings or should I end up trying some collagen injections? Can high cholesterol be a contraindication to laser?

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Removal of Red Stetch Marks by 1540 Erbium Laser is the most effective treatment

Creams, injections, wraps and most lasers are ineffective in treating Stretch Marks.The only effective treatment I have ever found to improve Stretch Marks is the 1540Fractional Non ablative laser. Fortunately red or pink stretch marks respond the best to the 1540 laser trreatment.





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