Laser Treatment or Blue Light Therapy ?

Laser treatment or blue light therapy for moderate acne which one works better ? If laser what kind of laser treatment ??

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Laser or light treatments for acne

Light therapy treatments for inflammatory acne work but they must be tailored to the severity of the acne at the time of treatment.  I generally recommend a alternating series of blue light and red light treatments.  The blue like kills the bacteria causing acne and the red light calms the inflammatory reaction.  For mild/moderate acne we usually offer people this treatment with the Omnilux Light Diode System.  For those with more severe acne we tend to step up to the same blue light/red light treatment but do it with the Sciton BBL System which allows for much more intense focuesed light.  For acne that is bordering on the need for Accutane one novel new approach is using a photosensitizer call Metvix followed by Red Light Therapy.  Hope that clarifies your questions.  Good luck!

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