How Many Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Are Safe to Combine?

I'm a thirty-four year old in good health planning on rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, a necklift (or mini facelift) and a breast lift. Would it be safe to have all these procedures at once?

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Multiple procedures

As one of the plastic surgeons on the Extreme Makeover TV show, multiple procedures were the norm. Some surgeons were more comfortable that others about the magnitude of the surgery and the length of anesthesia. Each combination needs to be assess on its own. One facelift can be two hours and another six hours. I look at total length of surgery, rarely going beyond 6-6 hours, not only for the patient's safety, but also for my comfort. In addition, certain procedure work against each other like extensive liposuction and lifting procedures. Rhinoplasties vary considerable in extent, complexities, and length of surgery time.  I also look at total surgical surface area and degree of swelling and bruise that could occur.

If all elements work out, I do not see any inherent reason why the procedures you mentioned couldn't be done together, but your surgeon should always have a bail out plan and you should understand the priorities and order of surgeries in case one is left undone due to time constraints or intraoperative problems.

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Combining cosmetic surgery procedures

In my practice I would not do all of that in one sitting. I personally do not like doing rhinoplasty and facelift together because I find the swelling and dressing of one interferes with the surgery and recovery of the other. Then the over all result is less than optimal although it may be passable. Some procedures just do not go well together when done at the same time either because one adversely affects the other or the total operating room time would be too long in the hands of most surgeons.

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