Is There a Procedure to Pull Face Back to Fix Scar?

I am 35 years-old, female. I have a severe scar on my L cheek 1" long from cystic acne. It's lumpy & I tried collagen before but the results were TERRIBLE! It made me look worse.

When I pull my facial skin taught, the scar almost disappears. Is there a procedure I can have at 35 that will make my face "taught," pulled-back to hide said scarring & to make me also look younger? I had injectables before, with TERRIBLE results & had to wait for it to fade on it's own.

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Scars and facelifts

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Face lift to tighten skin of the face will not improve the appearance of scars in the long run. Temporarily, it will look better. Face lifting does little to improve textural changes in the skin. A better option would be to explore resurfacing treatments or laser ProFractional treatments. These procedures work to rebuild collagen and rebuild healthy skin even in areas of scarring. Sciton lasers have made some great advances in treating those stubborn cystic acne scars.

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