Best procedure for fine lines (smile lines) for 28 year old?

I'm only 28 but have smile lines already. While they are somewhat fine lines they are very pronounced. I'd like to know what the most effective procedure would be for them- laser (and what type?), microdermabrasion, dermabrasion? Or a filler? Thank you!

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Fine lines options

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Several different procedures can help with fine lines around the mouth. Restylene injectable filler can we used which is temporary but delivers immediate results. Microdermabrsion and chemical peels also help to reduce fine lines and rejuvenate the skin tone and texture over several treatments. Fraxel laser can also help with fine lines with longer lasting results.

What Are My Options For Improving Fine Line Smile Wrinkles?

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From you description it sounds like these are wrinkles or lines caused by animation.  If the lines occur around the corner of your eye or on your forehead then BOTOX is the easiest and safest way of treating them.  If these lines are located on the cheeks or around the mouth I would recommend  more of  big picture approach that would be directed to improving your facial skin quality, reduce aging, and enhance collagen production.

     1.A regimented and focused skin care program, containing Routine Exfoliation, Stem Cell containing   products and antioxidants. A link is provided below.
     2.You might want to also consider a profractional laser treatment at least twice per year to give your skin that collagen boost it needs.
     3.If you lead an active life style then don't forget solar protection. 
If you get a start now a regimented skin care program will slow your aging process and improve your current skin care concerns. Good Luck

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