Does Pro-Activ Really Work?

I went to see my dermotologist and she prescribed Doxycycl for 30 days. I couldn't continue after day 7 because it made me nautious even after I took it with a meal. So, i'm thinking about starting pro-active. Does the system really work?

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Does ProAcitv Really work

Proactiv is low strength benzoyl peroxide which is somewhat effective for mild to moderate acne if used daily. It kills the bacteria most often associated with acne. Most dermatologists now favor a multiple agent approach to acne, using a retinoid to unblock the pores, as well as a topical antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria. Many of these agents are now combined in single product form.

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Proactive works for mild acne

The Proactiv program contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is a mild over the counter ingredient. It is effective for those with mild acne ie a few blackheads and red bumps.

If your acne does not clear after 6-8 weeks, see a dermolologist. There are treatment options that will clear even the most severe acne:

  • topical antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide + Retin A (topical vitamin A)
  • topicals + oral antibiotics
  • topicals+ oral contraceptives ( for hormonal acne in women)
  • Isotretinoin ( an oral Vitamin A -like drug for severe acne)
  • for resistent acne office treatments such as peels, light treatments or photodynamic therapy

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Pro Activ efficacy

Yes, products such as Pro Activ and The Pimple Clinic work because they contain proven ingredients such as benzoy peroxide and salicylic acid. Additionally, three step over the counter systems such as Pro Activ and The Pimple Clinic work because people tend to follow a regimen.

It is the routine of cleansing, toning and clearing that these products provide and enable that makes them effective. However, their effectiveness is limited to mild acne. They are not a subsititue for severe acne nor are they a substitute for oral antibiotics and topical prescription medicine. Products like Pro Active and ThePimpleClinic are adjuncts or additions to a prescription regimen started by a dermatologist.

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