How Do You Prevent Hyperpigmention Before Surgery on an Existing Scar?

I had a tummy tuck and implants 4 years ago. All though the results were good the scarring was dark due to a hyperpigmention. I'm planning on getting treatment and was maybe going to go under the knife for revision. Is there any way to block hyperpigmention before surgery date?? That way when the healing is going on, my body is overproducing melanin. If so what is the product used for these type of patients before surgery.

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Treating and preventing pigmented scars

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Many people with dark skin have the tendency to pigment easily when the skin is injured or inflamed.  To get the best results after surgery, I recommend starting hydroquinone (bleaching cream) at least 4% twice a day immediately after the area is healed and sutures are removed.  I have also seen very good results on scars if the Fraxel laser is used shortly after healing. 

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