Does Anyone Have Pictures of a Dermatofibroma Removed by Excision?

I have five dermatofibromas. Also I'm black, so they are really dark. I saw a dermatologist who treated me with topical steriods (clobetasol mainly), however in my opinion they got bigger. My life has dramatically changed because of them as I live on a tropical island. And I'm seriously considering excision, with they be as darker and rounded as if they are eyes looking at me? Or with they resemble cuts that take on the pigment of my natural skin? :( depressed.

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If we assume these lesioins are dermtofibromas, I do not think you would be happy from the scar that would be produced from surgical removal. You should use sunscreen to keep them as light as possible. If one is really increasing in size you might want to consider a biopsy. You can discuss that with your dermatologist.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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