Photofacial Safe After 3 TCA Chemical Peels?

I've had 3 TCA Chemical Peels within the last 6 years to decrease slight acne scarring. Now, my skin is super sensitive and I've acquired a couple brown spots (though I keep my face out of the sun and wear sunblock) and wrinkles (from aging I guess; I'm 29). Am I doing too much to my skin? Would a Photofacial be safe and effective for my spots/wrinkles?

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Photofacial after TCA peels

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I think you should consider the easiest solution to your concern. I am assuming that your TCA peels were superficial given your age, therefore if your skin is intact and healty, photofacial would be an option to treat your brown spots. Photofacial does not treat wrinkles, it really works best for color issues either brown or red spots.

You might consider trying a cream for pigmentation that can be used on sensitive skin. If the pigmentation is mild that might be the right choice for you at this time.

Good luck!

Photo facials are effective for brown spots

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Photo facials can lighten brown spots from the sun. Wrinkles are best treated with injectables such as Botox or lasers such as Fraxel. If you are concerned that your skin is sensitive you might be better off using hydroquinones or other bleaching agents. Remember complete sun avoidance is so important otherwise the spots will recur.  Please find a board certified dermatologist in your area to help you.


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A photofacial treatment may be helpful in addressing your brown spots, but it will not do much for wrinkles.  It may be advisable for you to use hydroquinone cream for the pigment.  

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