Permanent Frown Line Removal? (photo)

28 year old male. I have a permanent frown line between my eye brows from years of frowning. I've tried botox which helps stop the frowning but does not remove the lines. Is this something a surgical procedure can possibly fix? I've attached 2 images. #1 is relaxed #2 is frowning. Thanks.

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Fillers can minimize their appearance if they are visible when not squinting as well. This is probably what you need, rather than Botox.

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Prominent frown line

This is a classic example of the so-called "11" sign in the glabella region. Botox is an ideal treatment for this and if line still present injection with a filler by a skilled cosmetic surgeon is often done. There are risks in this area with fillers so that you should be aware of that before proceeding. Either way these are temporary fixes, if you want more permanent fix discuss with plastic surgeon.

Steven Hacker, MD
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Botox or Dysport

In my practice, I have improves the appearance of the frown lines with a combination of Botox or Dysport with fat transfer under the skin. This may take more than one session but with continuous use of the muscle relaxing treatments such as Botox and Dysport, you should see improvement over time.

Amiya Prasad, MD
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Permanent frown line.

Botox will stop the muscle from pulling and making the line deeper. If the line is already ingrained as the deeper layers of the skin are damaged, then a filler would be needed to plump the defect. These are a great combination for your concerns.

Brian J. Lee, MD
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Surgery for Frown Lines?

Hello.  Yes, surgery is an option.  Dermal fillers will work as well.  

With surgery, the idea is to disable the muscles, whereas with dermal fillers we would be adding volume.

We are in Los Angeles and would be happy to offer a free consultation to address your concerns.

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