Does Anyone Still Perform the Rhinomanometry Test?

Does Anyone Still Perform the Rhinomanometry Test?

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Rhinomanometry Test Not Reimbursed

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You ask a very interesting question, one that few patients would inquire about or even be aware of. Rhinomanometry is a test to measure the patency of the airway.  It is for the most part only an investigational tool used in research.  We had looked into adding this to our practice but elected not to because it is not reimbursed by insurance companies as it is considered investigational.

That said, you still may be able to find someone that has the equipment in your area.  I would start with the American Rhinologic Society website (  This website will help you to identify those physicians that are most interested in nasal problems.  Start here, make a few phone calls and you should have an answer fairly quickly.  Good Luck.

Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

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