Treatment for Penile Hypopigmentation and Scars? [Graphic]

I have had a persistent case of genital warts for the last few years, and have been receiving treatments by electrocautery. While effective for the warts, it has left my penis with a several very noticeable hypo-pigmented spots and some areas of scarred, uneven skin. I would like to be rid of both. Would relume or fraxel help these issues? If not, what would you recommend? Is it even possible to have this type of procedure on your penis? Thanks for your help, I am desperate.

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Treating Genital Warts

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Treating genital warts can be very challenging.  Almost all treatments have the risk of leaving a change in color or texture of the skin.  Often, with time (2+years) much of the scarring becomes far less noticeable.  If scaring is severe and troublesome, you may want to consider surgically excising the scar.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon

Eximer Laser

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The Eximer or Relume lasers might be worth trying since they help with vitiligo and sometimes with hypopigmentation. It will require a number of treatments but does have a fair chance of working. The Fraxel would not be helpful for you.

What you experienced can happen with cryotherapy as well as electrodessication.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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