What can I use to remove the marks on my face caused by the pimples?

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Sunscreen, time and laser treatments for marks from acne

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A picture will tell a thousand more, a good high resolution one will tell two thousand. 
Bottom line- what colour are the marks. 
If you have ethnic skin type, then the marks maybe darker than your normal colour if so the plan is-

1. Control acne- this reduces chances of further marks
2. Sunscreen +++ to reduce production of melanin
3. Chemical peels such as gentle AHA , Lactic acid or Vitamin A peels
4. Option for lasers such as the Q switch pico, or nano 1064 lasers.

All the best

Dr Davin Lim 
Brisbane, Australia

Marks on your face

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If you could post a photo it would be very helpful because I don't know if the marks are red or brown.  If you have red spots then you should have the V-Beam done since this is the gold standard to reduce redness.  If the spots are dark then I would suggest using a bleaching cream and chemical peels.  Best, Dr. Green

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