Will Orbital Rim Implants Make Your Face Look Fatter?

I have dark hollows under my eyes. Will orbital rim implants only add volume to the hollows, or will they add volume to the entire midface as well, making my face look fatter? If yes, would you suggest that I'd undergo buccal fat removal surgery as well, to balance the new volume out? Would it give me that chiseled high fashion model look atleast? Besides, I've tried temporary fillers and fat injections before. They look uneven and dissolve very quickly, so I'm thinking about implants instead.

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Best Treatment for Dark Hollows Under the Eyes

Hi Helen,

Best for us to have some of your photos to answer your question.  A surgeon who uses facial implants will adjust the implant to your facial goals.  Personally I prefer the use of Sculptra to build up your own natural tissue globally over the face.  Fillers only look as uneven as the physician who places them.  For the hollows under the eyes, Restylane is our preferred treatment.  In many patients it is a very long term solution. Good luck and be well.

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