Olay Pro-X Vs RoC Skin Care Line for Mature Skin?

At 66, I have always worn sunscreen, never smoked, and have no major wrinkling or serious skin problems. I would like to use an over-the-counter product most able to maintain and encourage collagen, moisture, etc.

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Over the Counter Skin Care vs. Medical Skin Care

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Dear D:

Congratulations on your healthy skin! Honestly, I don't think it matters which product you purchase. Over the counter skin care items are not cosmeceutically or physiologically active. They provide some moisture that briefly makes your skin look better, and the benefit stops there.

Oil of Olay in particular spends huge dollars on marketing to tell folks that their products are superior to medical skin care prodcuts, but the fact is that over the counter products are ineffective at stimulating any lasting protection OR correction.

Talk to your dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or medical aesthetician. Discuss your skin care goals (they sound pretty minimal since your skin sounds to be in good shape) and start something worth the money you will spend. You will be glad you did.

Good luck!

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