Can a Nose Pimple, with Black Discoloration, Spread over the Nose Top? What Danger, if Any

My granddaughter had a pimple on one side of the nose and this caused a blackish discoloration. The pimple healed but the discoloration spread over a part of the top of the nose. It's not painful but she has to use make-up to cover up the darkness. Her doctor does not feel there's any danger and told her a biopsy would, anyway, result a scar on the nose. Please advise. Thanks.

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,might be post inflammatory pigmentation

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Without a photo or an idea of your grandaughter's skin coloring it is hard to answer this question . However, if she has some pigmentation to her skin and especially if she has been in the sun, she might have developed post inflammatory hypergigmentaton. This can develop after any insult to the skin that causes it to be irritated and is more likely to happen in skin that is olive or darkly pigmented. If this is the case, the dermatologist was correct and you need no biopsy as it will usually  resolve with time. A photo would help.

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