Red Acne Scars Treatment (Home Remedies)

I have tried different recommendation such as honey or lemon, and i dont see any improvement on my skin. I heard, using chemical peel will improve my skin look. So i was looking at this skin peel product . Please advice what should i do? should i go to the dermatologist expert which would cost me lot of money each session? thought i have limited budget for the treatment. 

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​Red marks from acne and how to treat them.

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Red marks from acne and how to treat them. Red marks are a sign of inflammation and when the inflammatory stimulation is removed your body will continue to fight any residual remnants of the infection and then this redness and signs of healing will eventually come down over time. Sometimes you have to remove the offending agent. Sometimes you can improve this through using topical and oral antibiotics to help in the process as well. You can do aggressive skin care to improve red marks by essentially decreasing the offending bacterial agent and allowing your skin to calm down in their process of fighting bacteria. If after using aggressive skin care you still have persistent red marks then you can consider doing something more aggressive like laser resurfacing. But I would stress time and aggressive Skin Care First.

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Sunscreen and time

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See YOUTUBE video below, most red scars can fade with time and sun protection. That will cost you nothing. IT may take up to a year before it fades. If you are in a hurry, only a vascular laser can help. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia.

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