Which is the best radio frequency micro needling device for acne scarring?

I've had a consultation with a nurse practitioner in a laser care clinic who recommended treatment with the Endymed intensif device. I've subsequently read about the infini lutronic and wondered what the difference is and if one is considered superior to the other? I have mild atrophic scarring with one or two tethered scars on my left cheek and about 4 box car scars from an adult chicken pox infection.

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Infini vs Intensif

The Infini is currently the best on the market for RF microneedling devices. One of the key elements is the insulation of the needles which Intensif doesn't have. It allows for greater energy use that doesn't harm the superficial skin. So less downtime, less risk, more results. Also, there are 49 needles with the Infini vs 25 for the Intensif. 

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Micro needling and acne scarring

My experience with radio frequency is that some of the results have been less than satisfactory on the patients that I've seen and that have received this type of treatment. I personally do not do radio frequency because I have yet to be convinced of the results. It seems that many patients say that microneedling can help to a mild degree but I have had some patients say that microneedling creates additional scarring. They have come to me with bumps from a micro needling procedure. I have corrected micro needling scars like that many times before. My approach to acne scarring entail's treating all the layers of the skin including building up the subcutaneous layer, the dermis, as well as working from the top layers. You have to use multiple different types of treatments. I tend to group them all together in a combined approach that takes five to seven steps that's done in about 2 hours

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