How to get rid of chin acne? Any creams of skin peels? (Photos)

Had this chin acne for a while, what can I use? Skin peels? Creams? Serum? Etcccc

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Due to your high Skin Fitzpatrick Scale there is a higher risk for using any lasers to get rid of your acne. A safer modality is microneedling, it is safe for all skin types and has effective results. Patients notice a drastic difference in their quality of skin and improvement of acne. There could be a lot of congestion on your chin from various reason, products, irritation or buildup of oil glands. The microneedling will release all of this by puncturing it with a series of microneedles. We will simultaneously apply a serum during this process for deeper penetration of these healthy serums that contain vitamins/hyaluronic acid.

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Chin acne and Peels

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It is very important to use sunscreen when trying to get rid of chin acne with chemical peels.  I use a combination of Retinols and Retin-A combined with TCA and bleaching creams to make the best change and improve the pigmentation and acne breakouts.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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