I have acne deep scars with uneven skin lines, how can they be treated to be more even skin? (photos)

Because of acne breakouts, my face has uneven skin lines. I have stopped picking but acnes still won't go. I'm not very good at explaining, so there are pictures, which are disgusting, btw. But any help will be appreciated.

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Treat acne, then revise scars

I would not recommend any treatment until your acne is in complete remission...you still have break outs on your cheeks, - see a medical dermatologist. 

Once your acne is completely treated, there are various methods outlined in the video below that can help, including TCA CROSS for some scars, and in your skin type energy based microneedling devices. All the best, Dr Davin Lim.

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Acne scars and wrinkles how to treat to have another skin

From the pictures you have some ice pick and box car scars. Lasers will help those applied in a special way. The lasers will also help with getting smoother skin.

Philip Young, MD
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Acne and Scars

A combination of facial injections into the scars with Restylane and lasers such as eMatrix will be the best combination to treat the scars  your skin.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Acne and Scarring

I am not sure how old you are from these pictures. I know that some patients assume that acne stops after the teen years but that is not the case. I hope that you visit a dermatologist who can provide treatment to minimize the scarring that your acne is still causing your skin. This may include prescription strength tretinoin as well as antibiotics if you still get cystic (scarring type ) acne.Be Well,Dr Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson, MD
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