Does fixderma scar gel help get rid of cystic acne scar? (Photos)

I suffered from cystic acne at the age of 24. Before, my skin didn't have any acne. Now i have acne scar and i have been using fixderma scar gel. Does this work? What should i do to completely get rid of scar? Ocassionally i get acne around my chin,cheek and forehead. Photos i send is not clear because the camera.

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Fixderma scar gel help get rid of acne scars.

I do not know of any scar gel that can make a big difference with acne scarring. In fact traditional resurfacing sometimes gets minimal results with acne scarring. And Laser resurfacing is a lot stronger than any scar gel. I see some atrophic scars and depressions and shallow boxcar scars along with mild active acne in your pictures. You can benefit from acne skin care as well as treatment of your acne scars. Your scars need to be treated at multiple different levels. There are methods to help you. We created a unique way of treating acne scarring that treats acne scarring at multiple different levels.

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