What is Needed for Post-op Recovery?

What are the most important things I will need after my surgery ? Here are some things I have so far : gauze pads, paper tape, flushable wipes, stool softners, nasel spray, anti bacterial soap, x-strength tylenol, body pillow, vitamins, and I was advised to get polysporin what would that be for..please advise if there is something else I will need. thanks

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Post op supplies for recovery: Rhinoplasty or labiaplasty? - It makes a difference!

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Your best source for this advice is your surgeon. Clearly a rhinoplasty does not need the same supplies as a labiaplasty. So it is important to know what procedure is being performed.

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Post Op Preparation

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Without knowing what surgery you are having, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, it sounds like you have great supplies for most common procedures.  Good luck.

Post Surgical Recovery

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You have not really told us what surgery you are undergoing.  You may need garments you may not.  Nasal sprays I would stay away from if you are having a rhinoplasty.  Other than that it sounds like you have all that you need and dont forget time to relax and recover.

Good luck on your surgery.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Post op instructions

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First thing you need to do is get instructions from your surgeon.  Next thing to do, is follow them exactly.  Do not do anything and do not NOT do anything not prescribed by your doctor.  Tell him of any changes in meds, physical conditions, etc.  Do not go to a doctor etc. without telling him first. 


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