What Should my Regimen Include to Fix These Skin Issues I'm Having? (photo)

What would be the ideal skin care regimen to treat this monstrosity that is my skin? As you can see from the pictures I have post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, active acne, dark circles, a deep line underneath both of my eyes, enlarged pores, etc. My current regimen consists of washing my face in the morning and applying a moisturizer. In the evenings I alternate between using Tretinoin 0,05 % and Azelaic acid 15 %. I was thinking about adding glycolic acid or Hydroquinone, but I’m not sure.

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Treatment of Post-inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation and Active Acne

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This is a classic problem with acne due to the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Because of it, continued evidence of the lesions even after the inflammation is gone, you look like you have about 10-15 times more lesions than you really have. Since you say you have significant active acne, there are two more things you need. They are an alpha or beta hydroxyl to unclog the pores and a topical antibiotic to rid the glands of the bacteria responsible for the inflammation. Once you clear up the hyper-pigmentation, you may be able to return to your present regime with these additions. However, first you need hydroquinone to treat the hyper-pigmentation. My preferred treatment is the Obagi Nu-Derm system with a topical antibiotic such as clindomycin or erythromycin. This contains everything you need to treat the acne and the hyper-pigmentation. Additionally, because of the way it is formulated, you get 2-3 times better results with the discoloration than just adding the hydroquinone to what you are now doing. Go to the Obagi web site and find a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist and seek their advice.

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