Would You Recommend a Salicylate Acid Peel For A 14 Year Old?

My Daughter is 14 and Has Acne. She is currently on differin cream and an oral antibiotic. She is very active and we go from one sport to another during the school year. She also uses some cleansing wipes cebatrol at bedtime. She wakes up in the morning and her skin is dry and peeling. So last appt we got some lotion for the dryness. Almost seems like overkill to me. A friend suggested the peel and said it would get rid of her acne for up to a year?? Any suggestions?? If this is true, why don't we do this to begin with?

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Chemical peels do work

Everyone is different when it comes to skin type.  The medications given to your daughter are safe enough to be applied at home by herself but sometimes are not enough.  Chemical peels are a great way to speed up the process of getting rid of acne when done by a doctor.  Depending on severity, chemical peels are usually recommended once a week.  These are considered cosmetic treatments and are not usually covered by medical insurance.  Peels help decrease oil production as well as lighten any hyperpigmentation left over by acne breakouts.  There is no down-time, anyone can go back to their daily activities afterwards.

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