Multiple Surgeries by Different Doctors

Hello. I am considering having three different plastic surgery procedures by three different plastic surgeons. As I am flying in from abroad I would need to have these three porcedures within the space of about two to three weeks. Two of the surgeries are under general anesthesia and one is under local anaesthesia. Would there be a problem with having this done or would you suggest I have more of a break between each one?

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Multiple surgeries

If you plan on having a series of procedures, perhaps you  might be better off having them done by the same doctor if they are in the same related field?

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Multiple surgeries

I would suggest that what you are proposing is unusual but also not too safe mainly because unless you know each of these surgeons and you have good medical support around you, like an internist who knows your medical condition and history, you will be compounding possible risks with three different surgeons, three different procedures, in a city away from home. If you have scheduled these procedures on your own as opposed to having one surgeon coordinate them among colleagues, I think you are putting yourself at risk. Besides, there are many fine surgeons and facilities in the UK.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Planning multiple surgeries with different surgeons

Your post does not have enough information to give you an answer. Furthermore no matter who the patient is and who the doctor is there is always a risk of a complication. Should you have such a complication your entire schedule will be thrown off. For safety reasons  you should wait at least 2 days after arriving to have surgery to decrease the risks of pulmonary embolus after a long flight. I hope each surgeon knows that someone else is doing a procedure before or after them. Keeping your surgeon in the dark in this aspect is a safety risk and is a sure way to make them angry with you. Are you asking the question in this format so that you do not have to ask it of your surgeons or let them know what you are planning? If the body parts are disparate like face and abdomen why not have 2 surgeons operate at the same operation? You would at least save some money on operating room and anesthesia costs without increasing operative risk.

Aaron Stone, MD
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