Multiple Plastic Surgeries in One Day?

I'm planning to go Korea to have my surgeries. I'll be getting my eyelid skin/fat removal. My nose with silicone implants with septal or ear cartilage tip. Cohesive gel Silicone implants ( full B to a D cup ). And liposuction on my cheeks, neck and my upper & lower abdomen. Flanks ( love handles ) and the back fat ( the fat that pops out when you have a bra on) I'll be there from Feb 12 2013 till Feb 28th 2013. Would It be safe to undergo all those surgeries in one day?

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Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries in Korea

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I too am not a fan of medical tourism.  What happens if you have a complication once you're home?  You'll have to see a plastic surgeon here and they'll charge you a lot of money to see them since the complication isn't theirs and they're taking on the complication.  You have no idea what you're getting over there, despite pictures on the internet. It might be slightly cheaper, but when you add in the flights etc it probably won't be and you have no idea who will actually do the surgery.  Stay in the U.S. where a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can care for you and is available if anything should happen.

Multiple surgeries

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I am not a big fan of medical tourism if you are travelling far. Who will take care of you when you leave Korea"? Multiple surgeries that you describe are OK if you are healthy and properly screened and a candidate for the procedure.

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