Minimum Age for Having Major Laser Surgery?

I am 16 and I want to undergo laser surgery for many hyperpigmented scars that I have on both my legs...when is the best time should I undergo the procedure?

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Hyperpigmented scars

Would really need to evaluate a picture to see if these areas of hyperpigmentation are amenable to treatment with a light based device.  There is not really a "cutoff " age for treatment of pigmented or vascular lesions.  Young children and infants are often treated for vascular lesions with lasers with good results.  If your leg scars are amenable to treatment with a laser, you would need to make sure that you have not had any recent sun exposure to the area.  See a well trained physician with experience treating pigmented lesions with a laser and you will likely have a good result.  

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Age Cutoff for laser

It's actually more important to know how long the marks have been there, rather than how old the patient is.  I've done laser treatments on infants, if the lesion is amenable to laser.  

Hyperpigmented marks are not necessarily scars, and they might lighten over time with sun protection.  If the dark marks are fresh, I would try using an exfoliating moisturizer such as Am-Lactin or a glycolic acid moisturizer.  Glycolic acid peels might also help lighten the dark marks. However, if the "scars" truly are scars, then you might want to consider other lasers instead.  But I'd wait at least a year to see if they lighten on their own.  

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