Minimizing Developing Facial Scar/ When Should Stitches Be Removed? (photo)

Hello im 18 and recently had a laceration above my eyebrow that required 5 stitches. I was told by the doctor to wash the cut out daily with soap and water then apply polysporin. Then once the stitches are removed I was told to appy vitamin e oil on the scar twice a day. Anyone have any additional tips regarding this?I was also told to get the stitches removed within 5-7 days. My accident happend on monday night and I can either get them removed on sunday or monday.What would be best for me?

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Remove sutures in 5-7 days for Facial Laceration

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I agree.  Remove sutures in 5-7 days for an uncomplicated facial laceration, not under tension.

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Facial scar

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Generally sutures on the face should be left in for 5-7 days depending on how the wound is healing.  I prefer to take facial sutures out closer to day 5 to minimize any scarring.  There are specific ointments that are used to minimize scarring on the face that you can buy from your facial plastic or plastic surgeon's office or mailed to you.  Your scar results will depend on several factors including how the wound was put together, postoperative care, and avoidance of sun exposure.

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