How Can I Minimize a Thick, White Scar on the Scalp?

My daughter has a thick, white scar that runs from ear to ear. She had cranial remodeling when she was 15 months old and again when she was 3 1/2 years old. She is now 10 and a half. I've been remiss about having her wear a hat and noticed that the scar has become quite thick. It is larger on one side than the other. I am wondering how I can minimize this. If her scar does become narrower will her hair come back?

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Surgical scarring and scar widening

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The rapid growth of the body during childhood and infancy creates distracting forces along incision scar lines that makes them widen. There is no hair in this scar so it becomes more visible on the scalp as it widens. If there is sufficient lax scalp tissue around the scar it could be excised and closed once growth is completed. I suspect that would not be the case and the best option will eventually be expansion stretching of the scalp on either side of the scar followed by scar excision and closure, a 2 stage operation.

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